Custom Designed Brewery Websites

We build websites for breweries that are fast, mobile-friendly, and built to drive local beer sales.

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More Time Spent Mashing. Less Time Spent Updating Your Website.

Building Simple, Automated Brewery Websites

You want to grow your brewery business in your taproom and in your local market. Taps + Tables will bring together your Untappd menu, social media feeds, distribution map, and your attractive personality all into a simple website that automates the things you don’t have time for.

Custom branded brewery websites

You worked hard to build your brand. We're just going to build it up.

Taps + Tables will design a website to perfectly match your brand. No scrolling through templates and finding things that might work – we make sure that every design detail is exactly as you want it and that it looks incredible on all devices.

We'll align your brewery website to your branding and get it right the first time

Integrate your everything

From your POS to email marketing and your loyalty app, Taps + Tables can bring together everything you need.

Integrate all of the software you're already using at your brewery into your website

You’ve selected software for your POS, your email campaigns, and even your private event booking. Now how do you get all of those things to display on your website?

Taps + Tables will grab all of the data from the right spots and display them on your site. We'll manage all your third-party requests as necessary to post contact page questions, private dining inquiries, or online orders.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about getting anything installed on your website!

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Better Websites for Breweries

Your Menu Board

Let your customers know exactly what your brewery has on tap by using the Untappd API

Tap List + Menu Integration

Add your menu to Untappd and Taps + Tables’s software will update your website and Facebook page every time you change your Untappd page, making it easy to keep everything up to date.

Serve food? We can either pull your menu directly from Toast or you can use our Menu Board to publish your menu and make any changes you need at any time! We can also get you added to Doordash, UberEats, or any other third party delivery system.

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Responsive Websites for Breweries

Ticketed Events + Calendars

You choose your ticketing provider and we'll plug purchasing into your website

Special events, concerts, and bottle releases

Post your events, offers and releases to your brewery's calendar. Whether you want to use Google, Facebook,, or any other web calendar, we’ll be happy to get you plugged in and ready to promote your events!

Integrated Websites for Breweries

Loyalty Program Mobile App

Set up a loyalty program to reward your best brewery customers with free schwag

Custom App for Ordering and Rewards

If you want to have a custom app that lets your customers keep up with points, choose rewards, and receive push notifications, text messages, and more – look no further than our connection to AppFront.

Want to use a different rewards program? We’ll be happy to install whatever you choose!

Mobile Websites for Breweries

Google Maps Beer Finder

Our Beer Finder uses Google Maps to let your customers find your beer wherever they are

Leverage Distribution Data to Highlight Sales Locations

As a brewery you want to push sales not only in your taproom, but also at the local grocery stores, bottle shops, and convenience stores. Taps + Tables has created a Beer Finder using Google Maps that can plug into your current distribution list, allowing your customers to locate your beer wherever they are.

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No hidden fees. Total clarity.

Our simple pricing structure delivers the features that you want at a price you can afford. Websites start at just $750 with a low monthly fee for maintenance and support. Take a look at our pricing and get started promoting your brewery on the web.

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We make our pricing crystal clear so you understand exactly what you're paying for.